A Chinese Marionette Theatre group performed at the Hong San See Temple in Singapore. These photos document various things that were going on at the temple on 22nd March 2014--a Buddhist priest first blessed the food that was laid out, devotees who came to the temple lit large joss coils that they then hung high up and said their prayers.  Meanwhile the puppeteers pulled the strings of the marionettes and sang into microphones, telling the story of the marionettes, while musicians played traditional Chinese instruments to accompany the puppeteers' singing. The marionettes had elaborate costumes and the female puppets had elaborate headgear, much like what one sees in a traditional Chinese opera.  Later that afternoon, a group of priests and devotees performed a ritual where they burnt huge papier mache replicas of Chinese temples, to signify sending the blessings up to Heaven. The priests and devotees then returned to the temple where more blessings of the sumptuous spread, which included several roasted suckling pigs, took place.